DK33 Sailing Forever


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Looking for some time it's a prize, looking for some time on a daze, for you. All the things I do, all the things I’ve done are a waste, for you. Tell me what it's wrong, tell me who you are, because I love you. Oh, that's true. Looking for a day…
Life 04:09
Look at the ground thru a line, (where she) was giving love and you live but I must give up. You're alone, but you're at time. Go away.
Cry 04:31
(Oh, teardrops) you have filled a glass. (Oh, teardrops) a pain that never ends. (Oh, teardrops) you've made a little ocean in your bed. (Oh, teardrops) inside your pale blue eyes. (Oh, teardrops) as long as your blonde hair. (Oh, teardrops) you've made a little ocean in your bed. Don't cry, you're so young, my friend, I know your tears again aren't for me. Don't be afraid, you're alone again, make a kiss before it's too late.
Window 03:52
I've been crying at the window and I... But it's you, ‘cause it's true who takes me by the hand. I look at you but, you're still away. But it's you, ‘cause it's true who takes me by the hand. You look at me but I'm still away, you don't know where. What about this feeling that takes you by the hand?
New Days 03:02
Crowns, trips and balloons, trips to the moon, kissing in June. Air, rain coming down, fields never end. Darkness, sunset. New days begun in a sad way I don't believe you will be there. Open the door, ‘cause I want to see your smile, open the door for a while, open the door...0
Youth 03:59
Let me stay or let me down, ‘cause you know the way I am. Oh, I don't know what to do, you don't know if I love you. But you don't mind (you don't mind), you will try, cause you don't mind (you don't mind). And it's good taking love from you when there’s nothing else to do, but I seem to fade away in your hands. I've been wasting youth, kiss me like you do… Oh, you...
Hair 03:28
When he takes me by the hand, will I ever feel the same?, she wrote in her letters, when I'm bleeding in my bed all the teardrops drown me, but I'm still feeling that I'm... Thru your hair, and thru' your heart, Thru your hair, and thru' your tongue. I always know what I did yesterday ‘cause I felt into your heart. All the words I didn't say, it won't last forever, but I still feel that I'm...
Love 03:55


Gravat per Andreu García. Mescles finals amb Toni Amaya.

Nacho Romero (bateria, guitarra i veus) i Estebi Romero (baix, teclats i guitarra) durant 3 dies seguits de principis d'agost de 2015.

Música i lletra de Nacho i Estebi Romero.

Màster de Carlos René (Madrid, octubre 2015).
Portada: Nacho i Estebi Romero,

Stelio Bilinda
Ignasi Nasch Romero
Aleix Massí
Blái Subiratts


released January 19, 2016


all rights reserved



discosdekirlian Barcelona, Spain

Casa de Discos y Libros. Independent Record Label. A.O.P. (Adult Oriented Pop)

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